Why I love Telemarketing Services

By Patricia Qvern, Operations Manager

After spending many years working within the Telemarketing Services industry, I stepped out of it for a while to explore other opportunities. Now, I’m back and without a doubt there are many reasons why I love the Telemarketing Services Industry so much. Here are just 4 of them:

1.  In Telemarketing Services, The Work is Challenging

Telemarketing Services Passion - two handsets with their cords in the shape of a heartFrom day to day, sometimes from minute to minute, nothing stays the same. I’m never bored! It’s been an ever changing industry – starting off with manual dialing with call lists on sheets of paper to where we are today and adapting to the advances in the modern world. The internet, dialer systems and the addition of cell phones has allowed information and communication to move faster and maintain a greater sense of connection. The technology challenges are only a part of it. The strict regulations associated with all the technology and being compliant has evolved over the years. While I was away from the Telemarketing Services business, there was a complete change in the regulations that impact placing calls to cell phones. Our outsourced telemarking partners have been required to upgrade their technology to ensure compliance with the new regulations. There are also the challenges of working with a diverse set of clients. I have to become knowledgeable on each company, and basically, it’s like becoming their employee. To be able to best meet their needs, goals and represent them the way they want to be represented – it’s important to really dig in to understand who they are and what they do. Whether it is an Association looking to renew memberships or an organization looking to grow their business, I have to be the expert. Continue reading

Great Results with Good Telemarketing Services Leadership

By Nathan Teahon, Vice President

Leadership in a bright yellow arrow with smaller white arrows beside itWhat does it take to be a good leader in telemarketing services? It’s an interesting question and it probably isn’t dramatically different than what makes a good leader in any industry. However, there are some quirks about managing telemarketing services, particularly outbound telemarketing, that does make it different. Here are five keys to good leadership in telemarketing services.

1. Right Team

Half the battle of being a good leader is putting the right players on the field. We recently held a Leadership Summit within our organization and we covered the book The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues by Patrick Lencioni. I am not going to review the book for you, but I will highly recommend it. Essentially, it covers why having people that embody three key virtues, Humble, Hungry, and Smart, is important if you want to have a successful organization. More importantly, having members of your team not embodying these virtues can be critically damaging. Also, the definitions of those virtues aren’t 100% what you think they might be, so again I would point you to the book.

However, without giving you spoilers, I can tell you that having the right team is essential for success in telemarketing services or otherwise. The best leaders can fail (and probably will fail) if the team isn’t comprised of team members that appropriately fit the culture that you strive to have. Finding the right team members isn’t always easy, but it is much easier than compromising and fitting a square peg in a round hole just to fill a position. It’s wasted time and energy, and has negative consequences. Continue reading

How to Create the Perfect Outbound Telemarketing Report

By Melissa Hinrichs, Director of Client Services

hand marking spot on report while looking at reportIn every aspect of business you are going to hear the word ‘Report’. And for different companies reports mean different things, but every company uses reports for a variety of reasons. For outbound telemarketing, reports are essential for two primary reasons. First, reports help inform the client how the outbound telemarketing program is performing. Second, reports provide key information that a well-trained telemarketing operations manager will use to make critical business decisions that are necessary to maximize performance on the outbound telemarketing program. For these reasons, it is imperative that reports are created with a good understanding of what will be required to ensure a successful program. Continue reading

How to Find an Inbound Telemarketing Services Call Center

By Nathan Teahon, Vice President

A Blue Phone in a Blue CircleFinding an Inbound Telemarketing Services call center honestly isn’t that difficult. Finding the right Inbound Telemarketing Services call center is something that can be a little bit tricky. Also, nothing is worse than finding the wrong Inbound Telemarketing Services call center. So, let’s say that you already have a call center in mind but you know very little about their organization. Of course the first step is having a conversation with the key players within the organization. You have two primary objectives during that initial conversation. Continue reading

Do This: Use Local Caller ID in Outbound Telemarketing

By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

Cell phone with unknown caller as the caller idWe all remember those days of hearing the phone ring and not even thinking twice before answering. Well… most of us remember those days and that probably gives away my age. In the mid-nineties, those days changed when Caller ID became a standard telephone feature. With the widespread implementation of and subscription to Caller ID, consumers began making a choice about whether they wanted to answer a call. Continue reading