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How to Use Telemarketing Services to Increase Tradeshow Attendance

By Heather Dubas, Operations Manager

A QCS Client Telemarketing Services Success Story

Word collage about Success through Telemarketing ServicesLet me set the tone for you… the company you work for is part of a large group that is sponsoring a multi-million dollar expo in one of the most sought after vacation cities.  It only happens once every three years, so you know people will want to be there to see the newest products displayed.  You expect big crowds and then something unexpected happens – attendance is poor!    This, by far, is the worst thing that could happen in a situation like this and that is why it is critical to get the word out about these types of important events.  Sending emails, faxes or mail can be a great way to connect with potential customers and vendors, but utilizing telemarketing services to get them on the phone and having a conversation about it can have much better results.  Quality Contact Solutions recently had an outsourced telemarketing opportunity to do just that for one of our clients and it proved to be very successful! Continue reading

Outbound Marketing Wireless Success Story

outbound marketingBy Heather Dubas, Operations Manager

Imagine that sinking feeling you get when you see the alerts and hear the warning sirens that bad weather is approaching. Those of you in the Midwest particularly will know what I am talking about. You realize a storm is heading right for you, and you worry, and try to think of everything you can do to prepare for the worst, but really just hope it will pass quickly. A feeling of helplessness overcomes you and you cannot even fathom what you will do to clean up the mess.

An equally destructive storm hit the outbound marketing industry on July 10, 2015 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Declaratory Ruling. The biggest challenge that came with the TCPA Declaratory Ruling was the way that wireless numbers could be dialed. An autodialer (predictive dialer), the most efficient and cost effective way to make telemarketing calls, was no longer allowed to contact wireless numbers in many cases. A new way to reach these customers needed to be implemented. Life as we knew it the world of telemarketing would never be same, and we had to adapt to a new normal. Continue reading

Increased Outbound Telemarketing Answer Rates

Increasing Outbound Telemarketing Answer Rates with Local Caller ID

Using Local Caller ID services in outbound telemarketing has proven successful for increasing answer rates in the call center. We are sharing our experience with a client that implemented Local Caller ID services.


The client markets its services to consumers in the lower 48 states.  Outbound B2C telemarketing is the primary sales channel used by the organization.  The outbound telemarketing manager was challenged with decreasing outbound telemarketing answer rates, which was ultimately impacting contacts per hour and list penetration on their campaigns.

Continue reading

B to B Lead Generation Success for Cedaron Medical, Inc.

Quality Contact Solutions served in an integral capacity for Cedaron Medical, Inc. over the past several months.

Cedaron Medical’s sales team was faced with a significant challenge: lack of time.  Karen Bond, Chief Executive Office for Cedaron Medical said “with our sales force focused on addressing and closing current opportunities, we were challenged to find and dedicate time to new lead generation”.  Bond continued, “We know we need to continually fill the sales funnel with new opportunities, but the existing sales staff simply could not spend enough time cold calling.”

Cedaron explored various B to B Telemarketing Lead Generation companies.  Quality Contact Solutions emerged as the partner of choice because of our experience with the medical industry as well as the central (Midwest) location of our team. Continue reading

QCS Conducts ATA-SRO Audit for Synergy Solutions

Quality Contact Solutions’ President, Angela Morris announced that the firm has completed its second American Teleservices Association Self-Regulatory Organization (ATA-SRO) audit. Synergy Solutions, Inc. successfully met all ATA-SRO Accreditation criteria and was been approved by the SRO Trustees and the ATA Board of Directors.

According to Ms. Morris, the audit process went smoothly. “Synergy Solutions has been a long-time supporter of the ATA-SRO program. In fact, its President, Lori Fentem is active as an ATA board of director and ATA-SRO trustee. Completing this step in the process (being audited by an independent third party) just validated the compliance program that Synergy Solutions already had in place for the last few years,” stated Ms. Morris. Continue reading