Outsourced Telemarketing

Many organizations utilize an outsourced telemarketing partner as part of their overall program strategy to achieve their B2B sales goals.  Our Sales Outsourcing solutions allow our clients to focus on their core competencies while we manage their outsourced telemarketing work from A–Z. We provide proven leadership for ensuring that each telemarketing campaign will receive the best combination of price, service, and performance.

QCS is your trusted partner for Outsourced Telemarketing

Outsourced Telemarketing“Know-how” is what separates leaders who perform (who deliver results) from those who don’t. Our management team has extensive experience in managing hundreds of B2B telemarketing and prospecting sales campaigns.

Hitting your inside sales goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes smarts, perseverance, and the right partner. Our management professionals will help write effective call guides (scripts) and make recommendations to improve results daily to maximize results with your outsourced telemarketing campaigns.

We can help make hitting inside sales goals a reality by:

  • Augmenting your team through outsourced B2B telemarketing and outsourced sales
  • Calling your lapsed buyers
  • Calling your low value accounts
  • Improving your team’s morale by outsourcing your cold calls
  • Test for new offers or products

Experience is essential

QCS has been in the telephone sales business for 8 years. Experience counts as QCS has built a solid reputation as a company that delivers top outsourced telemarketing sales with a primary focus on helping clients effectively manage their B2B outsourced telemarketing sales programs.

Finding the right telephone sales call center for your business is not an easy task. Quality Contact Solutions works with several vendors on different campaigns every day and that call center experience and resources allows us to be successful at hitting our B2B sales goals for our clients.

We focus on each of the major disciplines in the call center environment including:

  • Telephone sales call center vendor selection
  • Startup/Program incubations services
  • Ssales training
  • Ssales resource planning
  • Telemarketing scheduling and forecasting
  • B2B sales quality assurance
  • Telemarketing technology
  • Telemarketing sales process
  • Telemarketing telecommunications

What’s the QCS advantage?

There are many advantages to using an outsourced telemarketing partner. In addition to being a PCI Level 1 service provider, QCS has many key advantages that clearly make placing your telemarketing programs with us a far superior experience than dealing directly with multiple people from several different call centers. QCS will continue to provide proven leadership for ensuring that each telemarketing campaign will receive the best combination of price, service, and performance.

Call us today to discuss our outsourced telemarketing options.