Monitoring Your Salespeoples' Gatekeeper Skills

Is your business to business telesales program performing below par?  What's wrong?  This could literally be a million dollar question.  It could be any number of things.  Most smart telesales managers will tend to look at the pitch, the offer, the close, or perhaps the call list.  It could be any of those things.  Those are great variables to constantly evaluate and many times a small adjustment will yield tremendous results.  However, one of the most overlooked pieces of the equation can be successfully getting past the gatekeeper to a decision maker.  In fact, I've found that most often getting to a decision maker is 75% of the battle.    

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Quality Contact Solutions has provided teleservices solutions for a wide variety of companies, including:

• Point to Point Marketing   • Infocision
• Bank of America • United Health Group
• CenturyLink • Allstate Insurance
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